Julie Born Schwartz, Matthew Burdis & Dreyer
Screenings, Sala Pegasus, Piazza Bovio, Spoleto

10 July 17.00 – 18.00

Screenings of recent films by film-makers in residence Julie Born Schwartz and Matthew Burdis. The Dreyer film was selected jointly by Schwartz and Burdis as a starting point for a discussion after the screenings.


Julie Born Schwartz LOVE HAS NO REASON 2014, 18min
Matthew Burdis Lindisfarne One One 2015, 4min
Matthew Burdis Second 2016, 3min
Carl Theodor Dreyer They Caught the Ferry 1948, 12min


Image: Still from They Caught the Ferry by Dreyer
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Matthew Burdis, Julie Born Schwartz.