Equality, diversity and inclusion

At the Mahler & LeWitt Studios we invite artists, writers and curators from across the world to spend extended periods of time living and working in Spoleto and the region. Building meaningful, enduring and respectful relationships across cultures and between people from a variety of backgrounds is at the heart of our work. As an organisation we are committed to the equality, diversity and inclusion policy outlined here and we ask that participants in our program adhere to this guidance.

During our residency sessions we bring together intimate groups of up to half-a-dozen artists, writers and curators; for our week-long workshops and symposiums these groups grow to include closer to two-dozen people. In the spirit of a cross-cultural, international residency program, within these groups we aim to bring together a diverse range of voices and opinions, represented by a variety of disciplines in the arts and coming from a range of countries. Although our program primarily focuses on supporting recent graduates and emerging artists, we also see value in supporting established artists in the same program: inter-generational learning is dynamic, two-way, and informative for all.

We ask that residents are sensitive to, and respect the differences of their colleagues, whether visible differences – in terms of gender, race and ethnicity and visible disabilities – or non-visible differences such as sexual orientation, social class and economic stability, religion, and unseen disabilities. When a group is cross-generational, age and therefore experience (and education) needs to be taken into consideration. When a group is cross-disciplinary, which it often is, then we ask participants to initiate each other with the ‘basics’: a classical composer may not have read about or seen a great deal of abstract art, for example, but their grasp of musical rhythm may illuminate the subject in a fascinating manner, given the opportunity!


We have a zero tolerance policy to racist or discriminatory behaviour, including bullying and harassment of any kind. We will respond to any concerns or issues participants in our program or audiences have. Our contact details can be found in the ‘About’ section of the website. We will respect confidentiality at all times.