Phillip John Velasco Gabriel
Artist in Residence



Phillip John Velasco Gabriel (b. 1983, Jacksonville, US) is a Filipino American, New York City based painter. He joined us on our 2022 summer residency session. Describing the paintings he made in Spoleto he said; “The work explores my interest in motifs which recur through art history. In my work, these can be identified as both bodily (hands) and decorative (abstraction/color-field). Specifically, I have been thinking about the influence Umbria’s medieval and early renaissance frescoes had on Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings – their application, color palette, and so forth. It’s interesting to consider how these two seemingly disparate moments in time informed each other and how they can continue to inform artists today.”



He is represented by Ramiken in New York and And Now in Dallas. Describing his practice Ramiken have written, “Gabriel draws inspiration from the hieratic compositions of Catholic painting from the Renaissance, the geometric organization of high Modernism as well as the color field painting styles that evolved from it, and the mashup paint jobs of Jeepneys in the Phillipines. His subjects include agate landscapes, Chinese dream stones, Japanese anime, hypnotic Youtube videos, erotic cartoons, x-rays, thermal imaging, blue volcanic fire, and a haunting portrait of a social humanoid robot named Sophia. Each work is a collection of eidolons, ideals that refuse to coalesce, existing instead as evanescent phantoms of the human form, animated by an eternal mood.” Recent exhibitions: Phillip John Velasco Gabriel, AND NOW, Dallas (2022), Vigilator, Ramiken, New York (2021), Phillip John Velasco Gabriel, AND NOW, Dallas (2020), Eidolons, Ramiken, New York (2019).