Across the globe, as countries deal with the economic repercussions of the pandemic, education in the arts and career development initiatives for artists are becoming ever harder to access. With this in mind, we are determined to keep providing the opportunities afforded by our program in Spoleto and we are appealing for your support. 

Eva LeWitt and Guy Robertson
Directors, Mahler & LeWitt Studios



— Donations and pledges for 300,000 USD to support the 2022–24 Mahler & LeWitt Studios seasons.


I think transformation, real transformation, occurs when you connect with a community. When a community reaches out its hands to you. … Being in Spoleto made me different. That’s really the highest compliment that I know how to pay.

— Polly Barton, Writer in Residence



Drawing on the legacies of Anna Mahler and Sol LeWitt, as well as the unique cultural heritage of Spoleto and the region, the Mahler & LeWitt Studios provides research and development opportunities for curators, writers and artists of all disciplines, particularly those who may benefit from phases of experimentation. We provide artists with sustained support through our Projects and Publications programs, with the intention of bringing new work, developed during our residencies, to international audiences.


Since founding the Mahler & LeWitt Studios in 2015, we have hosted over one-hundred artists on research and development residencies. We have produced over a dozen special projects including exhibitions and artworks – some of which have been acquired by museum collections. We have developed partnerships with leading international institutions, commissioned writing which has been published in academic journals, organised symposia and workshops, and produced a range of artist publications. Our projects have regularly reached audiences across Europe and in the US. Most importantly, although less quantifiable, our residencies have been creating and supporting a community which enables and supports artistic exchange and discourse – across disciplines, generations and borders. We believe that artists are essential: to our understanding of human experience – its beauties and hardships – and in questioning the values held by our societies.

What I have learnt in life so far, is how we can learn from life: how the silence of contemplation and self-reflection, as you look to make a difference in yourself, can reflect usefully out onto the world – if not today, then tomorrow. I think that is what the Mahler & LeWitt Studios residency program is all about.

— Brian O. Kepher, Composer in Residence



Target 300,000 USD

We require 200,000 USD per annum to run the program in Spoleto. The Mahler and LeWitt families cover half of these costs and we need to find the ‘match’ funding. With only two part-time paid employees (our Curator and Assistant Curator), we have a light organisational structure considering the scale and impact of the program. In order to make efficient use of our time and to be able to plan ahead with our program, we are aiming to secure the required match funding for 3 years with the current appeal: i.e. 300,000 USD.


Arts education initiatives need support now more than ever. Our goal is to sustain and develop the program of international residencies, symposia and special projects, working with up to forty artists each year. We have recently been given use of two new live-work studio spaces in Spoleto which means the program is able to expand. Furthermore, as of 2021, we are working closely with the Festival di Spoleto and its new director, Monique Veaute (formerly director of Palazzo Grassi, Venice). Recognising the importance of our work, the Festival has offered us venues and support for artists participating in our program.

The group of artists and writers we gathered in Spoleto – to think, work, make, eat and live together – had a unique energy. Deep intellectual and artistic relationships were formed that have changed the way we move in the world.

— Rachael Allen, Poet in Residence and Guest Curator




Every year we will run three residency sessions, each 4 to 6 weeks in length, in Spring, Summer and Fall. Each of these sessions will host up to six fullterm, fully funded residents. We will continue to work with Guest Curators to develop one of the annual sessions and we will continue to develop international partnerships with leading institutions to ensure a dynamic and diverse program.

Workshops and Symposia

Each year we will organise weeklong workshops and symposia involving up to twenty shortterm residents. Taking advantage of Spoleto as an inspring international meeting point, we bring together experts from different disciplines and generations to share knowledge on pressing contemporary topics and to learn new skills.

Special Projects and Publications

We will continue to offer sustained support to residents by producing special events, exhibitions and publications relating to work begun on our research and development residencies.

Festival dei Due Mondi

With the offer of serious collaboration from the new director Monique Veaute, our summer session will take full advantage of the Festival contexts and we will program events, exhibi- tions and performances for the Festival with our current and former residents.

Open Studios

Our Open Studios events will continue to conclude each residency session and we will provide special access and events for local art schools and arts groups. A program of tours and conversations will offer students and the public insights into the practices and legacies of Anna Mahler, Sol LeWitt and Spoleto’s art histories broadly, as well as opportunities to meet and discuss work with participants in our program.

For more information about some of our plans for the 2022 program, please scroll to the bottom of this page. To read a comprehensive review of our program to date, please click here.


I feel like Mahler’s influence is in me now, I’m always listening to his music. The residency at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios had a profound effect on me.

— Duval Timothy, ‘Song of the Earth’ Artist in Residence



The Mahler & LeWitt Studios is a charity registered in Italy (Associazione Socio Culturale) with 501(c)3 fiscal status via the Mahler Foundation for tax effective giving in the US.

For the 2021 Fundraising Appeal, further to our existing Friends and Patrons scheme, we have introduced a new band of support – the Director’s Circle – for donations of 10,000USD and upwards, offered per annum for the period covered by this appeal: i.e. the 2022–24 seasons.

Pledges of any amount promised over a three year period help us to plan the program more effectively. This is particularly important now, given our expanding program of residencies, exhibitions, special projects and publications. (Supporters are offered a number of benefits, see below):


Director’s Circle

10,000 USD+ (8,500€+)


3,000 USD+ (2750€+)


350 USD+ (325€+)


My residency afforded me the time and concentration I needed to absorb myself in a new film project. The inspiring environment and the support I received from the studios staff and my co-residents, encouraged me to develop new approaches to my work. It was a unique experience and inspired my film ‘Ex Voto’, which was shot with nuns in Umbria, premiered at the Festival dei Due Mondi, and has since been acquired by museum collections.

— Julie Born Schwartz, Artist in Residence



In recognition of your support we offer a number of benefits:


  • Receive a specially commissioned artist edition.
  • Copies of our publications.
  • Exclusive invitations to our events inSpoleto, London or New York.
  • An acknowledgement on our website and inour printed material.


Patrons receive all of the benefits of a Friend and are offered opportunities for bespoke events such as studio visits with artists. We will regularly update you on program developments.

Director’s Circle

Supporters donating at this band can participate in a regular dialogue with the Directors, enabling a close relationship with all the activities of the studios.



To make a donation please follow the blue donation link provided below.

Multi-year pledge: $ / €

Pledges promised over a three year (2022-24) period help us to plan the program more effectively.


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Methods of payment

  • Mahler Foundation 501(c)3 for US tax-payers
  • Via ‘Paypal’
  • Bank Transfer: Mahler & LeWitt Studios