tales from a hydrosocial landscape

Cecilia Ceccherini & Alberto Valz Gris

Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi, Opening 29 June 2024
Museo del Tessuto e del Costume, Spoleto

In collaboration with Musei Civici di Spoleto,
curated by Guy Robertson

Realised as a large-scale tapestry of interconnecting symbols and a sound installation with multiple narratives, Umru: tales from a hydrosocial landscape is a collaborative project by artist Cecilia Ceccherini and geographer Alberto Valz Gris. Political ecology describes water as a multiform assemblage of both humans and nonhumans, of bodies and machines, of historical transformations and unpredictable futures. This interconnection, best captured by the term ‘hydrosocial landscape’, is the focus of Ceccherini and Valz Gris’ work. Taking Spoleto and its locale as their starting point, they recount tales from the hydrosocial landscape of Valle Umbra, charting the relation between humans and the environment through the medium of water. The five prophetic voices of the sybils and the symbols developed whilst in residence at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios, render the polyphonic history of water geographies across the region and evoke a space of reflection for future environments.

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UMRU: FRAGMENTS FROM THE HYDROSOCIAL CYCLE OF THE VALLE UMBRA: artist Cecilia Ceccerhini and geographer Dr Albert Valz Gris.